About My Practice

In the time I have worked with Dr. Kane I have never heard any complaints against his ethics. He is very serious about his work, is respectful of his clients, and works with them in a professional manner. As a therapist working with clients affected by trauma, Dr. Kane is aware of the impact of his clients' emotional material, and he makes good use of individual and group consultations as well as debriefing groups"

Jane Mortell MA LMHC
Therapist & former Associate Director
The Mental Health Clinic
Hall Health Primary Center
University of Washington

I became interested in trauma during my work in the 1990s as the executive director of a community based non profit organization called Straight From The Heart: Black Men of Tomorrow, which focused on empowerment, advocacy, and social change among African-American males. It was at that time I learned about the impact of trauma upon ethnic minority communities.

As a mental health clinician, I am keenly aware of the lasting effects of abuse and trauma as well as the sense of powerlessness and hopelessness in the lives of those involved. I am also aware of the lack of culturally competent programs available for the treatment of offenders or victims of trauma and abuse. Furthermore, the evaluative and assessment information being provided to the legal/judicial system and treating clinicians is inadequate. This results in the failure of these tools to provide insight into the psycho-social characteristics of individuals or the impact of racism, oppression and discriminatory treatment upon those experiencing trauma and victimization or their contributions to the mindset of the perpetrators of trauma.

I offer the following services: